Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bacon And Pea Fried Rice

This is a simple recipe that will go with any continental style cuisine or even an Asian one. A key to note with all stir fried rice, is to have a day old white rice that has been chilled in the fridge and added cold to the stir fry. This helps maintain the shape of the grains of rice and prevents it from all sticking together. For this recipe I used petite pois (baby peas). They melt in your mouth and the kids don't mind eating these as they are much sweeter than the bigger ones.

bacon and pea fried rice
Bacon and Pea Fried Rice

Precooked white rice for 6 portions
3-4 cloves of garlic chopped fine
2 onions chopped fine
3 maggie stock cubes(adjust according to quantity cooked)
Bacon cut fine
Peas, frozen

In a large non stick pot, fry the bacon in a little oil till slightly crisp. Remove and add the onions and garlic in the same pot. When transluscent, add the cubes and bacon and peas straight from the freezer. Lastly add the white rice and give it a quick toss about. Don't mess with it too much at this point coz you don't want it to get mushy.