My story

I've always loved eating so it was a natural progression that I would learn how to cook. I love collecting cookbooks on all different sorts of cuisines, but somehow have only been drawn to books which give you a picture of the recipe shown. To me, its imperative to see a dish in its final form to know what you are aiming to achieve with the end result.
Some of the recipes I have come up with from scratch, others are taken from my collection of recipe books. Most of the time, I take a recipe and do my own take on it, tweak it every time so it always turns out different. A major shortcoming is I hate to put down quantities as I keep tweaking a dish till I feel it tastes
perfect. But I will try to write down as many details as I can. So keep this in mind when following a recipe and know that you can increase or decrease any element to suit you best. There will be nothing too difficult when it comes to techniques as I like quick simple food that is all about the flavour.
As a busy mom of three small kids, I am always short on time, so if I can come up with a cheat recipe that cuts down on half the steps and half the labour, I will find a way to do it.
I am not too much of a dessert person, so there wont be too many sweet recipes. That is my husband, Peter's department. I will however, post some of his yummy recipes now and again though I cant take any credit for that.
Bon Appetite :-)