Monday, 30 January 2017

Nepali Sesame Seed Chutney for Momos

Momos is the Nepali version of the Chinese dim sum. The Nepalese make their momo filling slightly differently to the Chinese, using a bit of butter in the filling, along with some turmeric powder cooked in butter or ghee. The rest of the ingredients are more or less the same.

This sesame seed chutney is one of the typical chutneys served in Nepal along with their momos. I fell in love with its unique taste and it's one of those chutneys that can easily be used elsewhere as a dip too, maybe for some carrot sticks or as a dip for kebabs etc. It's roasted nutty flavour will have you hooked once you taste it too.

I have used a green chilly in this recipe as the only dry red chillies I have are the Kashmiri ones, which are known for their colour not spice. I wouldn't recommend using the Kashmiri one as it will alter the colour of the chutney. The Nepalese however use a spicier dried red chilly instead. You can completely omit the chilly if you want this chutney to be child friendly.

The chutney tastes best, served cold with the hot momos. So keep it in the fridge once made.


1/2 cup dry roasted sesame seeds
1 clove of garlic (I used a bigger sized one)
salt to taste
small sprig of fresh coriander leaves
1 deseeded green chilly
1 medium tomato
1/4 cup water

Nepali  Sesame Seed Chutney for Momos
Nepali Sesame Seed Chutney for Momos


Roast the sesame seeds on a pan on low heat till they turn a nice golden brown colour and they give off that lovely nutty smell. Reserve and keep.

In a mixer, add in the sesame seeds, garlic, coriander leaves and green chilly. Grind to a paste. Then add in the tomato and grind again.

Add the water last. This paste is not too thick or too watery either. Somewhere in between.

This chutney can easily be stored for a few days in the fridge. Served best cold.

Try it out! I'm already thinking of multiple ways in which I can use this amazing chutney!