Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Store Curry Leaves For Longer

how to store curry leaves for longer
How to store curry leaves for longer

Curry leaves can stay up to a month in the fridge if removed from the stalk and stored in a glass jar.

When you get the curry leaves from the supermarket, remove the stalk and leave to dry on a tea towel for 10 mins or so (or alternatively pat them dry with a tea towel).

Store in a glass bottle. You can line the inside with a kitchen  paper towel if you like, or once in a while remember to wipe the moisture inside and pull out any blackened leaves.

Make sure you do not overcrowded them in the bottle or it will encourage moisture to collect faster. Here in Dubai we get big packets of them, so I sometimes use 2 bottles if required. 

One can store these bottles on any shelf in the fridge..

This picture was taken after more than 15 days of being in the fridge. Neither it's flavour nor its colour was compromised. 

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