Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How To Store Fresh Coriander Leaves For Longer

Storing herbs is everyone's dilemma. You usually get a huge bunch of herbs from the grocery store and never seem to use them fast enough before they spoil. For some people, getting access to fresh coriander is not that easy too.

Everyone has their own tips and tricks here. I did try a lot of suggestions out there, but was looking for something that still kept the freshness and flavour intact for as long as I could push it.

how to store coriander leaves for longer
How to store coriander leaves for longer

 The BEST way, was to store it in a glass air tight jar in the fridge. This kept it fresh for the longest period of time. I did not wash the leaves before storing. When you get the leaves, open them out on a tray to dry as there could be some moisture still in the bunch. About half an hour of drying should do. Remove any roots. You can store it lined with a kitchen paper towel or without. To be honest I've had better results without the kitchen paper roll.

Can stay easily for upto two weeks or more.

Once in a while, open the jar and wipe the inside for moisture and remove any blackened leaves. This step will help prolong its life, as once rot sets in a few leaves, the rest will start to rot faster too.