Sunday, 16 November 2014


For some gardening tips:

Have you tried growing garlic chives? stick some garlic pods in the mud, pointy side up... They are super healthy and make a great addition to salads.. Easy to grow too..

Do not  keep your basil flowers too long on the stem, as soon as you see the tips bud, tear them off and throw the seeds in the pot, it will encourage new plants to spring up.. The basil flowers attract aphids and small black dot like insects that can eat away your plant..

To get rid of aphids, combine 2 tablespoons of clear, perfume-free dish washing liquid with 1 gallon of warm water. Mix the solution and spray it . All the aphids should be covered with the solution or they will multiply again.

Rosemary requires very little water, so go easy when you water it. With this weather now, you can skip one day and do the next..

Throw some dried beans in a pot, they are easy to grow and you can get a crop of French beans to add to your dishes.. They also provide the soil with a lot of nutrients...

Tomatoes need super rich soil.. They also drain your soil completely, so after harvesting your crop and when the season has finished, make sure you add compost back into the soil..

I've found that plants like eggplant and chilly do not bear vegetables the next year. The plant may survive and flower but wont bear any more veggies.

Don't forget to throw used coffee grinds, powdered tea, egg shells etc.. into your soil. They are all very healthy for your plants.