Thursday, 30 January 2014

Grilled Pineapple Slices With Mint

This is a quick dessert which is just as delicious as it is fast. I've served this with my favourite Waitrose clotted cream icecream. Its definitely more creamier and tastier than the plain vanilla icecream (unless you are making some homemade).

If you use a grill pan to make this recipe, you will get the beautiful marks that you get with a grill. But if not, a simple non stick pan will do, as I have used here.

Keep in mind, if you do use a grill pan, to oil the pan first with a basting brush.

grilled pineapple slices with mint
Grilled pineapple slices with mint

Fresh pineapple slices
fresh mint leaves
icecream to serve on the side

Crush the mint leaves with sugar. The ratio you need is 1:2. So whatever quantity of mint you use, approx. double the sugar. Chop the mint fine and then grind in a pestle and mortar.

In a pan, add some butter on a low heat (you do not want the butter to burn and turn too brown). Fry the pineapple slices turning over, till you get a nice golden brown on both sides. Remove and set aside.

Plate the pineapple slices, garnished with the mint sugar and serve with a dollop of  vanilla icecream, or in my case, my favourite waitrose clotted cream icecream.