Friday, 18 January 2013

Cheat's pizza on the run

Kids adore this one. You can get them involved in making it too. Get the older ones to cut the frankfurters and the mushrooms and drizzle the ketchup. They love being a part of this dish.

All you need is toppings of your choice and some store bought frozen pizza. I always keep a couple of them in my freezer. I buy the Dr. Oetker's quattre formaggi (four cheese) or the formaggi & pomodori (tomato cheese and basil).

This way you have a good cheese base ready for your toppings. The ones I have used below are kid friendly but you could add anything from chorizo to some rocket leaves, boiled egg.... the list is endless.

cheats pizza on the run
Cheat's Pizza on the Run

4 frankfurters
2 mushrooms
2 slices ham

Boil the frankfurters in water for about 5 -10 mins. Drain and slice them on the diagonal. Cut the mushrooms in slices and chop the ham. Arrange on the frozen pizza. Drizzle with ketchup (for the kids) or chilli sauce (for the adults). Using ketchup gives it a fresh burst of flavour.

Cook according to packet instructions. If you like, set the oven on broil for a few minutes to give the top of the pizza some extra cooking time. Give it a maximum of 3 minutes on the broil, keeping an eye on it, as it can burn easily if you wander off.

Serve hot.

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